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Engagement Tools for Achieving & Maintaining Wellness

At MHANYS we believe engaging families and other social supports are fundamental to the process of an individual achieving and maintaining wellness. That is why we devote significant resources and expert staff in the role of involving families, friends and loved ones in the recovery process by empowering them with tools for success. Through a variety of seminars, training workshops and advocacy services we strive to help individuals and families become participants that are well equipped in achieving and maintaining their wellness.

MHANYS Trainings include:

• Trauma, Trauma-Informed Care and Trauma Recovery

- Trauma-Informed Care and Trauma Recovery Tools
- Self Nurturing, Resiliency and Empowerment for Adults who have Experienced Trauma
- Attending to Trauma: Developing Compassionate Connections with Others While Caring for Ourselves
- What Parent Educators Need to Know About Trauma, Trauma-Informed Care and Recovery
- Understanding Trauma’s Impact on You and Your Children
- Identifying Trauma Symptoms in Infants and Children

• WRAP (Wellness and Recovery Action Plan) Wellness management tool designed by the individual to maintain wellness and can be used in groups or individually;

• Designed Care Paths for Individuals and Families in Crisis;

• Training on Statewide and Community Resources for Enhancing Family Wellness;

• Parents Empowered: Empowering Parents to Help Their Families Achieve & Maintain Wellness;

• How to Engage Parents When Their Child is in the Custody of the Justice System;

• Suicide Prevention: Safe Talk Training;

• Mental Health First Aid training.

Engagement tools have broad utility and relevance for anyone committed to achieving mental health, wellness and recovery. Individuals, family members, other supportive relationships, health home and behavioral health clinicians and case managers, and foster care and juvenile justice workers are but a few examples. Engagement tools help to empower families and professionals working directly with individuals to better understand mental health, to realize the hope of recovery and to maintain overall personal and family wellness.

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