Mental Health Voter Empowerment Project

Vote... It begins with Me

The ANTIDOTE to Stigma and Discrimination
Now Has a Name . . . the VOTE

The Mental Health Voter Empowerment Project (MHVEP) was conceived of by its founder, Ken Steele, as THE program that could bring mental illness out of the darkness and into the mainstream of American society.

Ken envisioned a program that would enable the population of individuals living with mental illness,and those concerned about mental health, to realize our potential as a "voting constituency of consequence."

To realize our potential, we need YOU!!! Take some time and peruse this site. Then join MHVEP, and together, we can change the way America sees mental illness.

The Mental Health Voter Empowerment Project is a project of
Mental Health Association in New York State
194 Washington Avenue, Suite 415 ~ Albany, NY  12210
(518) 434-0439 - phone
(518) 427-8676 - fax

Last updated: 10/27/04